Medical Miracle


Resting at the hospital emergency room.

Resting at the hospital emergency room.



Bob Reed, Howard and I had arrived in Kenya with great anticipation of what the Lord was going to do at Basket of Hope.  Three weeks into the trip, Howard became very sick with a high fever.  Rushing for medical treatment, we drove to Aka Khan Hospital in Mombasa.  Howard was released that night with dawa (medicine) to fight an unknown infection.


In a few days, we were back at Basket of Hope feeling good and working hard.  Within ten days Howard was seriously ill again.  We rushed back to Aka Khan Hospital, where Howard was admitted for treatment and released 3 days later.  However, on the day of his release, the fever returned.  I became very alarmed and contacted my doctor of many years, Dr. Wangai, in Nairobi.  We flew to Nairobi the next morning.


Upon arrival, Howard was admitted to a hospital in Nairobi.  He was diagnosed with pneumonia and 11 percent malaria in his blood, which was very serious.  His speech left him, and it was difficult for him to walk.  A test given showed he had had a small stroke before coming to Africa.  After a 2-week recovery, we returned to the USA.  Since we’ve been home, Howard has seen four doctors and has had seven tests.  The results . . . blocked arteries in his neck.


We believe that God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform!  Getting sick in Kenya brought to our attention that Howard had a serious problem and allowed us to help stop any future serious strokes.  Yes, we believe God did a medical miracle for us.  We are blessed and highly favored of the Lord.

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