A Cup Of Cold Water

The early morning line for water distribution.

The early morning line for water distribution.



After our arrival, the rains continued and the waters rose higher and higher each day.  Thousands of people were displaced from their homes because of the flooding.  And as the tribes moved their families to higher ground, we saw more and more temporary homes being built daily out of small branches covered with colorful African cloth.  The “homes” were capped with canvas tarps, given by the Red Cross, as protection from the continued downpour of rain.


Each night as we went to our place of dwelling, we watched the continued rise of the water.  It was difficult for the people to walk to water pumps that had been covered in water.  A desperate situation!


The flood waters did not reach Basket of Hope’s property, so many of the displaced people came to make their temporary homes near our property.


Basket of Hope’s water comes from a government deep well located a half mile away.  We opened our taps and began to give out water . . . not cups, but buckets of water . . . at no charge.  At first, water was being given out 12 hours a day; then designated times were set for water distribution throughout the day.  The lines were long.  They could not believe they were receiving free water when all the other places were charging for water.


Basket of Hope . . . blessed to be a blessing . . . giving hope.


I was reminded of this song . . .


Cups of cold water, Given in Jesus’ name,

Cups of cold water are never given in vain,

Someday in heaven when we meet the Lord, 

Each deed of kindness will bring a rich reward.



Yes, cups of water were given in Jesus name. (Notice I did not say COLD water.  It was over 100 degrees!) The water was not given in vain.  This act of kindness demonstrated Jesus’ love to our close neighbors who do not know Him.  And we believe it will bring a rich reward in seeing many come to know Jesus.



Healing the widows and orphans in their needs, 

Healing the sick ones and binding hearts that bleed,

Feeding the hungry, this we must surely do,

By this we serve Him and demonstrate His love.


Sharing the gospel with sinners gone astray,

Holding the light up so they can find the way,

Lifting the fallen this we must surely do,

If to our calling as Christians we are true.




IMG_1819IMG_1767Temporary home

Temporary home


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